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Auto Accident Injury

Even a minor auto accident can damage your musculoskeletal system. Signs of such damage include back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, and sciatica. Common causes for these injuries include whiplash, a seatbelt injury, and direct impact from a moving vehicle. Unfortunately, another cause of injury is the failure to schedule prompt treatment. Some injuries aren't felt until days or even weeks after a crash.


These injuries often worsen over time. This is especially true if you're involved in active sports, lift heavy objects, or engage in other activities that put pressure on injured areas. That's why Titusville Total Healthcare in Titusville urges anyone who has been in a car crash to seek help as soon as possible, even if they don't feel any pain or discomfort.

How Does a Chiropractor Provide Car Accident Injury Treatment?

Titusville Total Healthcare offers many treatment options for anyone who has been injured in a car accident. If you're a new patient, your first appointment will include X-rays and a physical examination. These tests help us determine the location and extent of your injuries. Your chiropractor will also ask about your overall health, exercise habits, and diet. This information helps us create a targeted care plan.

If you have back pain or sciatica, we'll likely offer a back adjustment to manipulate the vertebrae and align the spine. This treatment also reduces pain not only in the back but also in the legs and head. We also offer spinal decompression to alleviate pain and speed up the natural healing process. Massage therapy soothes sore muscles and stimulates blood flow to injured areas of your body. This helps your muscles heal faster than they would have otherwise. Cutting-edge electric muscle stimulation (also known as e-stim) therapy uses safe electric charges to help your muscles contract. It strengthens your muscles, speeds up the body's natural healing process, and reduces pain and swelling.

At the same time, we offer holistic healthcare to help you fully recover from the accident. Therapeutic massages help you relax. Physical therapy expands your range of motion. We also offer professional advice on safe forms of exercise that you can do at home to promote healing without over-exerting injured areas. Furthermore, we provide nutritional counseling to help you create a diet plan rich in foods that will reduce inflammation and strengthen your muscles.

Get Chiropractic Care in Titusville, FL

If you've been in an auto accident, seek professional care as soon as possible. Our team at Titusville Total Healthcare in Titusville can speed up the body's natural healing process, so you can recover from the accident as quickly as possible. Call us today at 321-268-9918 to learn more about our treatment options or to schedule an appointment.

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